Rapper Lil Wayne claims he was booted from the Miami Heat-Los Angeles Lakers game

L Wayne...

On Sunday afternoon, Feb. 10, the defending champion Miami Heat overcame a spirited effort from the Los Angeles Lakers, pulling out a 107-97 victory inside of the American Airlines Arena.

Lebron James and Dwayne Wade led the Heat with 32 and 30 points, with each man shooting 12-18 from the floor.

One man who wasn’t able to finish watching the festivities was popular rapper Lil Wayne, an admitted diehard Lakers fans.

Apparently, whether causing a ruckus or not, Lil Wayne was escorted out of the game simply for showing his favoritism to the visiting team.

Taking to his personal Twitter immediately after the incident, Lil Wayne seemed in disbelief.

“So I’m @ da Heat game right, rootin 4 da Lakers kuz dats my team & would u believe they got police 2 make me leave?! Wow! F#€k da Heat,” Lil Wayne stated.

There were plenty of Lakers fans inside of the building rooting on their team and they had much to cheer for in a lively first half. It remains to be seen why Lil Wayne was thrown out of the game, but his tweet caught fire, with several Lakers fans retweeting his message.

Perhaps next time Lil Wayne would be best off to keep cheering for the Lakers inside of the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The Grammys road trip for the Lakers has concluded and they will host the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night..

Prior to the game there was much confusion regarding the drama between Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard, yet each man insists the issue is in the past.


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