Rihanna disses Taylor Swift; claims she ‘aint cute’ during the VMAs

The one and only Rihanna (Photo: Instagram.com)

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According to a report from HollywoodLife.com on Friday, Aug. 30, there appears to be some tension brewing between pop superstars Rihanna and Taylor Swift.

Turns out that during the recent MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 25, Taylor had a habit of singing along while sitting in her seat during some of the performances.

Rihanna happened to be sitting nearby Swift and wasn’t exactly thrilled with her actions. At one point in the show, Rihanna would turn to a good friend sitting next to her and vent some frustration.

“She’s making a scene,” stated the “Diamonds” singer. “She aint cute.”

In related news, there were rumors swirling around that Swift was doing some dissing of her own while at the Video Music Awards. While her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles took the stage to present an award, Swift could be seen whispering something to her friend Selena Gomez.

Some speculate that Swift told the One Direction singer to “Shut the f*ck up,” but who really knows what happened.

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