VIDEO: Inside the Culture + Exhibit at ASD Market Week in Las Vegas

Hustle Boss was present for the first 2017 ASD Market Week at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Photo: Hustle Boss)


By Chris Robinson

This week in Las Vegas, ASD Market Week took place, and I knew this year was one that I wasn’t going to miss.

Inside of the Las Vegas Convention Center just North of the Strip, one of the year’s top retail merchandise trade shows took place, and I was able to discover a wide array of brands during my three days on the scene.

On Monday afternoon I visited the Culture + exhibit at the South Hall of the Convention Center and was pleasantly surprised to see so many innovative and quality products. Culture + is a congregation of the world’s top vape, smoke, and tobacco companies from across the globe and it was definitely an impressive sight.

Who was all at ASD? See for yourself below, with a quick look at our highlight video that we put together with top videographer 1Tarrell.

From polished glass pipes and bongs, to extravagant hookahs, and innovative and creative inventions, there was plenty to take in.

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