Beyonce says her daughter Blue Ivy ‘needs some company’

Beyonce Knowles at the 2013 MET ball (Photo:

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According to a report from, May 8, pop superstar Beyonce Knowles claims to want to add more children to her family.

In February of last year, Beyonce gave birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy, whom she shares with her husband, music mogul Jay-Z.

During a recent visit to London, Beyonce sat down with “Good Morning America” correspondent Amy Robach and discussed her role as Queen Tara in the animated film ‘EPIC’, set to be released on May 24.

While that interview was conducted, Beyonce would explain to Robach that when she was working on the film, she was pregnant with Blue Ivy and revealed what her emotions were at the time.

“I was actually pregnant at the time,” explained Beyonce. “And I thought ‘You know, by the time this comes out my daughter will understand my voice and what an incredible, cool point.”

Beyonce also revealed that she would love to add to her family.

“I would like more children,” said Beyonce. “I think my daughter needs some company. I definitely love being a big sister.”

Beyonce has a younger sister Solange, who she is often spotted out with in public.

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