Drake slams Chris Brown and claims that Rihanna fell ‘in his lap’

Drake (Photo: Twitter.com)


After their highly-publicized fight in a New York night club last year, Drake and Chris Brown have taken many public shots at each other.

In a detailed interview with Elliot Wilson on his East Village “Keep It Thoro” radio show on Friday, April 12, Drake promoted his new album, his beef with Chris Brown, how he feels about Rihanna, and much more.

Drake had the following to say of his apparent rival Brown.

“For any media outlet that listens to this interview like, don’t ask me sh*t about that man when I come up there, and leave that man alone. You know, stop praying on his insecurities man cause you know, his insecurities are the fact that I make better music than him, that I’m more popping [than] him, and that at one point in life, the woman that he loves fell into my lap. I did what a real n*gga would do and treated her with respect so she not out there talking down on me, and all those things combined create an individual that comes up to your radio and is just gonna do dumb sh*t but it shouldn’t be about tearing that man down.”

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Drake also spoke on his drive as artist.

“I’m obsessed, I’m not competitive,” explained Drake. “This is not just like a hobby. What it’s about for me, is like yeah, those first 48 hours are cool but, like the week after that, do people still wanna listen to it? Or was it just for that moment? I wanna make music that you revisit. I don’t like when songs just die out.”

Drake has high hopes for his new album and expect to hear of him promoting much more in the coming weeks.

“My album is about setting up the music in a way that u want to listen to the album all the way through over and over again,” he added. “I think when you hear the album, it’s definitely one of the most musical pieces that me and 40 have done.

“I think that everybody has 2 options,” Drake added. “They either rap about how it used to be or how they want it to be, that’s what makes like an incredible album. I’m actually trying to pin point like, right now, like the present, like where I’m at. Not about how I want it to be and not all about dwelling on the past. When I get in the booth, the microphone is on, the world is listening.”

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