Kobe Bryant to undergo surgery after rupturing Achilles tendon

Kobe Bryant in the hospital following his season-ending injury (Photos: Instagram.com)


The worst news was confirmed Saturday morning as Kobe Bryant’s MRI results showed that he indeed did rupture his Achilles tendon. He is scheduled to have surgery and it is speculated that it will take up to nine months of rehab before he can return. Last night after the Lakers beat the Golden State Warriors Bryant said he knew it was his Achilles.

“I can’t walk, I put pressure on it and I can’t walk,” claimed the five-time NBA champion.

This has been a tumultuous injury ridden season for the Los Angeles Lakers with most of the team being out. The timing couldn’t have come at a worst time as the 8th seeded Lakers are vying  with Utah to make the playoffs. Achilles injuries have ended the careers of Shaq and Charles Barkley but Bryant insist he will attempt a comeback.


The Lakers plan to get into the playoffs and make a run for the title but without their star player those hopes diminish, as many fans are already looking toward next season.

Don’t ever count out a determined Kobe Bryant, as he is the true definition of a hard worker, and there is no doubt he will put his all into getting healthy sooner than later. Going into the 2013-2014 season Kobe is in his last year of his contract with the Lakers. No matter what odds are against him, Kobe wants to come back and get that sixth championship ring.

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