Jean Pascal talks Manny Pacquiao vs. Marcos Maidana, Mayweather’s Instagram taunts, and the promotional cold war

Former champ Jean Pascal in Big Bear, Calif. (Photo: Chris Robinson –


By Chris Robinson

The past week I’ve had a chance to interact with and cover former WBC light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal in his training camp in Big Bear, Calif. as he prepares for his Jan. 18 HBO date against Lucian Bute.

A Haitian native now residing in Canada, Pascal is an affable soul and also a bit of a free spirit.

The conversations have varied, from his personal views on life to any and all topics in the sport of boxing.

I asked Jean for his thoughts on the future of Manny Pacquiao following his unanimous decision victory over Brandon Rios last month in Macau, China.

Specifically, I wanted to know who Pascal thinks the Filipino icon should face next, or at least in the very near future.

“Honestly, it will be a great matchup; Pacquiao vs. [Marcos] Maidana,” Pascal noted, mentioning the Argentinean power puncher. “Everybody is saying Maidana vs. Garcia, Maidana against Floyd; but Maidana vs. Pacquiao, two guys who like to throw punches, offensive fighters. That would be a hell of a fight I think.”

Such a match would certainly produce fireworks but the reality is that Pacquiao is promoted by Top Rank and Maidana is with Golden Boy Promotions, two promotional powerhouses who simply aren’t working with one another at the moment.

Pascal, like many others, feels the cold war is hurting the sport.

“That fight between Bob Arum, Top Rank, Golden Boy, Showtime, HBO; that’s not good for the sport man,” Pascal explained. “But that’s not in my hands. I cannot do anything about it. But you guys, the fans, can do something about it. You have to tell those guys ‘You’re hurting the sport.’

“It’s not good,” Pascal continued. “I think there’s enough money for everybody in the game. Let’s put the ego aside and please the fans. Because at the end of the day it’s all about the fans.”

There are some fans and insiders who haven’t given up on the thought of Pacquiao facing off with five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather.

Mayweather seems less than interested at the moment, however, as he has even been taking some personal shots at Pacquiao on his personal Instagram page. Mayweather’s taunts have caused quite a backlash but Pascal feels it is all in good fun.

“Guys, we have one life to live,” Pascal noted. “We need to stop taking everything seriously. Floyd likes to crack jokes. I like to crack jokes too. That’s not serious. [It’s] just to entertain people.

“And it works,” Pascal added. “Because it makes you talk, makes you do video on those things, people talk about it and stuff like that. It’s just to entertain people, make people have fun.”

CHECK  OUT  THE full interview with Pascal below, where he also shares his thoughts on Pacquiao’s victory over Brandon Rios… 

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