Kenny Adams feels Bradley will fall short the second time around: ‘I’d probably see Pacquiao winning this one’

Trainer Kenny Adams speaking at Long Life Fit in Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo: Chris Robinson –

By Chris Robinson

It’s always a pleasure catching up with veteran trainer Kenny Adams.

Having been embedded in the sport for countless years, the 73-year old Adams still trains with a noticeable zeal and has a sharp mind when discussing any and all topics in the sport.

On Wednesday afternoon, Adams and I spoke about his work with come backing lightweight Sharif Bogere while also discussing the March 8 Saul Alvarez vs. Alfredo Angulo fight and possible matchups such as Floyd Mayweather vs. Amir Khan and Manny Pacquiao vs. Tim Bradley.

In June of 2012, Bradley won an unpopular split-decision over Pacquiao and Adams feels we’ll see the opposite if they face again.

“I’d probably see Pacquiao winning this one,” Adams revealed. “I thought he won the last one.”

Bradley is coming off of a very big victory this past October over Juan Manuel Marquez and his confidence is at a high yet Adams doesn’t feel the Palm Springs native will bring enough to the table to secure another victory.

“Styles make fights,” Adams responded. “That’s the difference. In my opinion, what’s going to happen with Pacquiao is he’s going to boxing and do the same thing he just recently did with Brandon Rios. And that’s his plus at this point in time. It’s what he needs to do to protect his chin.”

Asked to elaborate, Adams expressed concern over whether Pacquiao has fully recovered from his December 2012 knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez. The Filipino star looked extremely sharp in his last outing, a November decision over Rios, but Adams seems to recall a moment in the fight where things got shaky for Pacquiao for just a second.

“He got cracked, hurt by the fifth round in the fight with Rios,” Adams stated. “He got cracked with a left hook. But he covered it up real good.”

For Adams, his prediction seems to boil down to Pacquiao digging deep and simply finding a way to win against a tough and very familiar foe.

“I still see that Pacquiao overcomes all of that this time,” said Adams.

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