Kobe Bryant continues pushing towards recovery and speaks on his latest training efforts

Kobe Bryant with Jerry West (Photo: Instagram.com)

Kobe and Jerry West

According to a report from CaliVix.com, Los Angeles Lakers star guard Kobe Bryant is beginning to step up his workout routine.

Despite not providing fans or insider with a timetable on his return, Bryant did express optimism towards his comeback.

Bryant suffered a torn Achiles this past April and has been working towards recovery.

“I feel pretty good, I’m stepping it up,” Bryant claimed. “I’m looking forward to practice and seeing what I can do from a conditioning standpoint, rev it up a little bit.”

Bryant then admitted that he hasn’t fully dived into his training despite stepping up certain areas of his regimen.

“I haven’t pushed it yet,” Bryant claimed. “I’ve done some pretty heavy running on the treadmill over the last few days, more than I’ve ever done before. I’ve never been a big treadmill guy, but it was necessary.”

Stay tuned for more Lakers’ updates throughout the season.

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