Shane Mosley explains why Marcos Maidana will give Floyd Mayweather a harder fight than Amir Khan would have

Shane Mosley speaking inside of the Hard Rock in Las Vegas (Photo: Chris Robinson –


By Chris Robinson

On Monday, Feb. 24, the same day he celebrated his 37th birthday, Floyd Mayweather officially announced that he will be facing off with Marcos Maidana on May 3 in Las Vegas.

The decision by Mayweather comes after months of speculation as to whether he would select Maidana or British star and former two-time champion Amir Khan as his next pay per view foe

Maidana is the fighter with much more momentum riding in based off of his December upset over Adrien Broner and his all-action style will likely help to create some kind of drama during the match.

Catching up with former Mayweather foe and three-division titlist Shane Mosley a few days prior to Mayweather’s announcement, he spoke on who would be a tougher matchup for Floyd.

“I think the style of Marcos Maidana might be a little harder for Floyd to fight,” Mosley explained. “Marcos Maidana, he’s kind of awkward.

“But I still think Floyd beats both guys fairly easy,” Mosley added. “That’s just my opinion. The only thing that is going to beat Floyd now is Floyd.”

Mosley feels that Maidana’s unconventional attack from various angles will at least allow him a better shot than someone like Khan, who Shane feels would be at more of a disadvantage.

“I think Marcos Maidana has an awkward style, where he throws punches, not traditionally,” Mosley explained. “And that might give Floyd more of a problem than maybe Amir Khan that throws punches straight forward. Floyd dips off the link a lot and it might be kind of hard for Amir Khan to get any type of shot in.

“Marcos Maidana throws punches differently,” Mosley said. “He throws them from different angles, where it might throw Floyd off a little bit. I think Marcos Maidana might have a better shot because of that.”

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