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Rumors state that ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ stars Erica Dixon and Scrappy are engaged again

‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ star Erica Dixon (Photo: Instagram.com)

5 AA erica dixon

According to a surprising report from MediaTakeOut.com on Wednesday, June 19, there may be another shakeup in the world of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”.

It turns out that Erica Dixon, who was seen getting into a heated argument with both her then-fiancé Scrappy as well as his mother Momma Dee, may be getting back together with him.

It had been widely reported that Scrappy was going through some issues outside of the VH1 hit reality show, including his time in rehab due to marijuana intake. Turns out that when Scrappy was in rehab, Erica actually reached out to him and had his back.
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‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ drama as Erica sounds off, gets violent with Scrappy and Momma Dee

More ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ drama (Photo: VH1 photo still)

IMG_8174 LHHA Atlanta

On Monday night, May 6, VH1 aired another installment of its popular “Love and Hip Hop” series and there was no shortage of drama on the show.

One of the central relationships of the show, the always-interesting union between rapper Lil Scrappy and his fiancé Erica Dixon, again took center stage.

Starting off, Scrappy let Erica know that his ex-love interest Shay came by the studio to see him and that she was in tears explaining how much he hurt her over how their friendship/relationship ended. Erica wanted to know what he said to her, and how did she know he was even at the studio.
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Lil Scrappy arrested in Georgia following suspicious urine drug tests?

Lil Scrappy last night on VH1’s ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ (Photo: VH1 Photo Still)

17 LHHA premiere

According to a report from MediaTakeOut.com on Tuesday morning, April 23, there appears to be more legal drama following Atlanta-based rapper Lil Scrappy.

Last night, on VH1’s airwaves, Scrappy could be seen playing a key role on the second season premiere of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”.

Having moved back in with his fiancé Erica Dixon, Scrappy could be seen speaking with her about various subjects, from money issues to planning for their forthcoming wedding.

Shortly before last night’s season premiere aired, it was revealed that Scrappy had gotten himself into a big debt with an Atlanta-based booking company.
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Lil Scrappy and Erica attempt to move forward but Momma Dee has her doubts [‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’]

A scene from ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ with Erica Dixon (Photo: VH1)

20LHHA premiere

On Monday night, April 22, the second season premiere of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” was hosted by VH1.

Fans had been dying to see what the latest news was on the reality cast, and there was plenty of drama to take in.

For starters, rapper Lil Scrappy was shown back with Erica Dixon. The couple appears happier than ever, with scrappy having proposed to her as the settle back into life under the same roof once again.
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Could Lil Scrappy start seeing his ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ checks cut soon?

Rapper Lil Scrappy (Photo: VH1 Photo Still)

IMG_6936LHHA Super Trailer pics

According to a report from TMZ.com on Sunday, April 14, rapper Lil Scrappy, from the wildly-popular VH1 series “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”, may be facing some money issues yet again.

It turns out that Lil Scrappy owes $72,218.68 to an Atlanta-based booking company called Heavy Rotation. The company, which helps its clients land concerts, club promotions, and more, filed a lawsuit that claims he owes them the aforementioned amount of cash due to their services for him in 2010.
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