VIDEO: Justin Bieber gets attacked by crazed fan in Dubai as security jumps in

On Sunday, May 5, YouTube user Ritvik Sethi released a video of Justin Bieber’s latest concert performance.

Performing at the Seven Stadiums in Dubai, the 19-year old pop star could be seen performing behind a piano when an unknown attacker appeared out of nowhere and grabbed an unsuspecting Bieber.

Upon seeing the perpetrator, a wave of security guards stormed the stage and quickly removed him. However, amidst the madness, the piano came tilting over as several fans inside of the building could be heard screaming wildly in fear that something may have happened to their beloved star.

Showing poise, Bieber would return to finish the track as if nothing had happened.

He wrapped up his set with “Boyfriend” and “Baby” before closing the show.

Bieber would later take to his personal Twitter account to speak on the incident, claiming
“Dubai. Nothing stops the show.”

All in the life of a rock star.


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