Lost Files: An Incredible Run for Alex “ATG” Thiel

Alex “ATG” Thiel inside of the Richard Steele Boxing Club in December of 2015 (Photo: Hustle Boss)


By Chris Robinson

At Hustle Boss, we have been fortunate to have covered several boxing-related events over the years, in and out of the ring, including various prospects from all walks of life. As the years go past, the photos become something like a “lost file” if you will, as they are somewhat forgotten, but still not technically deleted.

I took it upon myself recently to begin sifting through some of my personal photos that I have shot, and it’s been a trip down memory lane. To see the progression made by some of the people featured has also been inspiring.

I have decided that, one by one, I will be unearthing some of these pictures, as well as reaching out to the people in them, to catch up on things and give updates on everyone. Starting off, we have one of Las Vegas’ top amateur prospects, Alex “ATG” Thiel.



I remember first meeting Alex Thiel like it was yesterday.

The place we first crossed paths was inside of Richard Steele’s Boxing Club in North Las Vegas, in December of 2015. Thiel was just beginning his amateur run in the sport, and moments before his fight at the “All Comers” amateur showdown, he made sure to pull me to the side.

“I’m the one you want to look out for,” Thiel told me, obviously noticing that I was a journalist of some sort, as I had camera in tow.

Thiel ending up not only winning his fight that day, but has since won several more, including multiple national amateur championships along the way. Thiel has also put in tireless work with a wide range of pros, from veterans to current and former champions, and he continues to hone his skills before an inevitable move to the pro ranks.


We’ve been able to film Thiel’s movement, and it’s been worth the watch.

Thiel has also been active on the media front, with his Ring Dreams YouTube Channel, which features highlights from some of his stable mates, boxing tutorials, and updates on his own personal journey in the sport.

Thiel’s words rang true when he told me to keep an eye out for him, but his story is far from complete. By creating this post, we have essentially reached out to him to find out what is new with him.

Stay tuned for more…








Chris Robinson can be reached at CRobinson@hustleboss.com

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