Magic Johnson calls the passing of Jerry Buss a ‘great loss’ for Laker Nation

One of the greatest owners in sports history, Dr. Jerry Buss, has died at the age of 80, according to a report from the New York Times on Monday, Feb. 18. The legendary owner of the Los Angeles Lakers lost his battle with Cancer at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center early this morning.

The Buss family confirmed his death and released a statement.

“We not only have lost our cherished father, but a beloved man of our community and a person respected by the world basketball community,” the statement would read.

“It was our father’s often stated desire and expectation that the Lakers remain in the Buss family. The Lakers have been our lives as well and we will honor his wish and do everything in our power to continue his unparalleled legacy.”

Dr. Buss was instrumental in bringing “Showtime” to Los Angeles along with 10 NBA championships throughout the years.

Laker fan-favorite Shaquille O’Neal won three titles with the Lakers and offered up his respect.

“I’m deeply saddened over da loss of the great Dr. Jerry Buss.  He was a dear friend, mentor,and brilliant business mind thank u  4 8 gr8 yrs,” O’Neal stated via his personal Twitter page.

Winning five championships with the Lakers, so too did star guard Magic Johnson reflect on the passing of one of his dear friends.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the family & friends of Dr. Jerry Buss. He was a great man and an incredible friend,” said Magic.

Laker power forward and center Pau Gasol called Monday “A very sad day for all the Lakers” and offered up his condolences as well.

It is a very sad day in Laker land as condolences pour in from around the world.

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