‘Married to Medicine’ recap: What went down at the ‘lemon squeeze’ ?

‘Married to Medicine’ on Bravo (Photo: Bravo)

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On Sunday night, May 5, Bravo aired another episode of the highly-popular show “Married to Medicine”.

In this episode, Dr. Jackie scheduled a group intervention for Mariah and Toya. She felt the need to step up and play somewhat of a matriarch role for the women. Toya believes the type of women she is attempting to politely hash out disagreements with aren’t the educated, classy sorority sisters she’s accustomed to.

Jackie told Toya that she met with Mariah and they talked about getting together in a group to talk about conflict resolution among women. In Dr. Jackie’s sorority days, their intervention was called “A lemon squeeze”. Toya can’t understand why Mariah has never reached out to her or apologized for her actions.

Meanwhile Mariah has been feeling abandoned by the majority of her friends, especially Dr. Simone. She discusses with Quad how things may transpire at the lemon squeeze. Mariah feels Dr. Jackie is not a mother, and therefore can’t relate to why she behaved in a violent manner at the birthday party.

The night of the lemon squeeze, the ladies, Jackie, Simone, Toya, Kari, Quad, and Mariah, all gathered at the restaurant. Jackie alerted the girls they would not be allowed to drink alcohol.

Mariah insisted on a glass of wine, but Jackie explained her rules. Kari addressed the altercation, claiming her home was personally violated, and there was glass in her pool and all over her floor where her kids play. Kari continued claiming that she was not only responsible for the damages, but had to finance the entire party because Mariah refused to pay her portion and purposely withdrew all charges via Paypal. Mariah denied it, and Kari proceeded to pull out paper work as proof to dispute her claim.

Meanwhile Toya asked Mariah what made her think that it was alright to disrespect her and put hands on her that evening. Mariah refused to give an apology and defended herself by claiming she was hurt to the core that Toya revealed a family secret. Furthermore she felt her and her husband Dr. Aydin weren’t ready to tell their daughter Lauren that she was adopted.

Toya claims she was speaking to her hairdresser in the privacy of her home about Lauren being adopted and that she didn’t have any malicious intent. Kari claimed everyone knew Lauren was adopted and Toya said she didn’t know it was a big family secret. Mariah may have been upset about her revealing her secret but Toya believes her actions at the party were not warranted.

The girls began arguing and insulting each other as Dr. Jackie lost complete control of the lemon squeeze before walking out.

Viewers can catch more “Married to Medicine” on Sunday night on Bravo.

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