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‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ drama as Erica sounds off, gets violent with Scrappy and Momma Dee

More ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ drama (Photo: VH1 photo still)

IMG_8174 LHHA Atlanta

On Monday night, May 6, VH1 aired another installment of its popular “Love and Hip Hop” series and there was no shortage of drama on the show.

One of the central relationships of the show, the always-interesting union between rapper Lil Scrappy and his fiancé Erica Dixon, again took center stage.

Starting off, Scrappy let Erica know that his ex-love interest Shay came by the studio to see him and that she was in tears explaining how much he hurt her over how their friendship/relationship ended. Erica wanted to know what he said to her, and how did she know he was even at the studio.
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‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ stars K Michelle and Rasheeda fight at Mimi’s housewarming

More drama on VH1’s ‘Love and Hip Hop’ (Photo: VH1 Photo Still)

IMG_8179 LHHA Atlanta

On Monday, May 6, VH1 premiered the latest episode of its hit reality series “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”.

On this latest episode, Mimi Faust threw a housewarming party, as she was excited to embark on her independence from her estranged lover Stevie J. She invited K Michelle, Rasheeda, and Ariane.

When Rasheeda walked into the apartment, neither she nor K Michelle greeted each other.

The silence ended quickly as Rasheeda and K Michelle began arguing back and forth. Rasheeda accused her of always talking about her and her husband Kirk in blogs and on the internet. K Michelle criticized the fact that Rasheeda wrote a whole essay about her on Instagram.
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‘Married to Medicine’ recap: What went down at the ‘lemon squeeze’ ?

‘Married to Medicine’ on Bravo (Photo: Bravo)

MM bravo...

On Sunday night, May 5, Bravo aired another episode of the highly-popular show “Married to Medicine”.

In this episode, Dr. Jackie scheduled a group intervention for Mariah and Toya. She felt the need to step up and play somewhat of a matriarch role for the women. Toya believes the type of women she is attempting to politely hash out disagreements with aren’t the educated, classy sorority sisters she’s accustomed to.

Jackie told Toya that she met with Mariah and they talked about getting together in a group to talk about conflict resolution among women. In Dr. Jackie’s sorority days, their intervention was called “A lemon squeeze”. Toya can’t understand why Mariah has never reached out to her or apologized for her actions.
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