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‘Married to Medicine’ recap: What went down at the ‘lemon squeeze’ ?

‘Married to Medicine’ on Bravo (Photo: Bravo)

MM bravo...

On Sunday night, May 5, Bravo aired another episode of the highly-popular show “Married to Medicine”.

In this episode, Dr. Jackie scheduled a group intervention for Mariah and Toya. She felt the need to step up and play somewhat of a matriarch role for the women. Toya believes the type of women she is attempting to politely hash out disagreements with aren’t the educated, classy sorority sisters she’s accustomed to.

Jackie told Toya that she met with Mariah and they talked about getting together in a group to talk about conflict resolution among women. In Dr. Jackie’s sorority days, their intervention was called “A lemon squeeze”. Toya can’t understand why Mariah has never reached out to her or apologized for her actions.
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