More drama ensues between Stevie J, Joseline, and Mimi [‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ premiere]

Much drama with Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J, and Mimi Faust (Photo: VH1 Photo Still)

1LHHA premiere

On Monday night, April 22, VH1 premiered the first episode of the second season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”.

As expected much of the focus of last night’s episode centered around the bizarre love triangle between Stevie J and his former girlfriend and mother of his young daughter Mimi Faust and his side attraction, Joseline Hernandez.

The episode started off with Mimi stopping by Stevie J’s home to pick up their daughter Eva, who happened to be asleep. Not wanting to awaken her daughter, Mimi then decided to fall asleep in the home that Stevie J and Joseline now share.

Stevie was not home at the time but once Joseline arrived home she found Mimi sleeping in their home.  According to Mimi she was screaming and flipping out on her.

Stevie claimed later on that Joseline was upset but crossed the line with some of her comments, the worst being when she made a negative comment that his daughter Eva didn’t matter.

Stevie confronted Joseline about the incident while she was rehearsing for a show. Joseline explained that if she was staying in the house with him for three months, it was odd to see Mimi staying as well.

“She was tired,” claimed Stevie, trying to defuse the situation.

He told her the comments about his daughter where out of line but Joseline went off on him and walked away to finish her rehearsal.

Benzino, who is now hosting a late night Atlanta radio show, would end up having Joseline appear as his guest. She opened up about how she was single and no longer with Stevie J.

Stevie heard the radio show and went to Joseline’s condo to give her a gift he had purchased for her, that being a fur coat. She explained to him that he cannot buy her but she politely took the coat.

Mimi would later admit at Erica Dixon’s engagement party that she has temporarily moved in with Stevie J until her own place is ready and wants to be assured that Joseline is not around her daughter.

Towards the end of the episode, Joseline barged into Stevie’s home while he was having a conversation with Mimi. Joseline immediately began insulting Mimi, calling her a maid, and claiming that her attire looked similar to a maid outfit.

Joseline continued to insult Mimi, showing off the fur coat Stevie had bought her.

An infuriated Mimi would end up losing her cool with Stevie after Joseline had left. She would end up yelling at him, throwing a cup of water on him, while also trying to bite him.

A lot of drama for one episode. Stay tuned for more.

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