Roy Jones Jr. rips Floyd Mayweather; claims a Pacquiao fight ‘doesn’t mean anything’

Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana (Photo: Naoki Fukuda)

Floyd n CHINO

By Chris Robinson

I’ve always found it interesting to hear what boxing greats think of one another.

Boxing is a sport full of brazen individuals and strong personalities, so respect is something that isn’t always dished out.

Whenever I had spoke with the legendary Roy Jones Jr. about fellow champion Floyd Mayweather, he had always seemed to give the Grand Rapids native his just due.

In January of this year, Jones had this to say of Mayweather when asked his thoughts of the five-division titlist.

“In boxing today he’s the best. He’s the best marketing-wise. He’s the best skill-wise right now. He’s just the best out there right now. Aint none of these guys equipped with enough tools to really give him problems, except Pacquiao. He’s pound for pound number one by far and he’s doing his thing.”

Less than a year later and Jones’ tune has obviously changed. During a recent sit-down, Jones was overall critical of Mayweather’s recent performances vs. Marcos Maidana, as well as issuing his belief that a fight with Manny Pacquiao is of far less importance these days.

Check below for Jones remarks.

“Like I said, he’s so boring, that if he beats Pacquiao, he’s irrelevant then. If he beats Manny Pacquiao, who else do we want to see Floyd Mayweather fight? Or dance with, I should say? He danced with Maidana for 24 rounds. The most exciting thing that happened was that Maidana bit him and he didn’t even draw blood. At least Tyson bit some of Holyfield’s ear off. And he’s crying to the referee ‘He bit me, he bit me.’ That’s the highlight of 24 rounds of boxing, from pound for pound, supposedly, the best fighter in the world. What the hell are we doing now? And it’s going to be an asterisk, because even if he takes him out now, Pacquiao is so past his prime. So it doesn’t mean anything. So it’s going to stay an asterisk on his career because he did that to himself. To his defense, had he beat Pacquiao earlier, he could have retired earlier, because he’s so boring, that we wouldn’t stay awake to watch him fight nobody else.”

Suprisingly candid take from Jones. Check below for the full interview.

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