Former two-time champion Israel Vazquez says the Tim Bradley rematch is like a double-edged sword for Manny Pacquiao

Former champion Israel Vazquez, left, speaking in Las Vegas (Photo: Chris Robinson –


By Chris Robinson

These days, inside of the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas, you will find former two- time junior featherweight champion Israel Vazquez, as he is assisting his younger brother, 16-year old flyweight prospect Damien, ahead of his fourth professional bout next month.

Vazquez spoke with me for a few minutes following the team’s regimen, as I was curious for his thoughts on the recently-announced rematch between WBO welterweight titlist Tim Bradley and Manny Pacquiao that is set for this April in Las Vegas.

“It’s a very interesting fight,” Vazquez would state. “But then again it’s a sword with a double edge because if [Pacquiao] loses, most of the bonuses he had going for himself he’s going to end up going without.”

Pacquiao’s last outing came in November, when he put on an exhibition of speed, angles, and movement during his unanimous decision victory over Brandon Rios.

“Very intelligent,” Vazquez claimed of Pacquiao’s effort. “Very good fight. Manny fought a very intelligent fight and what he did, because Rios is a heavy puncher, he was very intelligent to stay away from that and came out victorious.”

One month prior, Bradley scored a benchmark victory over Juan Manuel Marquez that saw him use all of the tricks in his book in pulling out a well-deserved split-decision victory.

“Very intelligent fight too,” Vazquez noted. “He did what he had to do to keep on scoring points and the public saw the outcome [for] what it really should have been.”

As for an official prediction come April 12, Vazquez wouldn’t get off the fence.

“I praise both of them and the winner is going to [be] whoever does the right thing,” he stated.

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