Getting Into Full Swing With the Tesla Loop During MAGIC Las Vegas 2023 [VIDEO]

The Vegas Loop (Photo:

By Dennis Guillermo

Magic 2023 was in full swing, and the second leg of Las Vegas reminded me of the good old days from a decade ago as wholesalers and suppliers packed the Convention Center if not to escape the scorching 115 heat, but to also connect and reconnect with partners, clients and old acquaintances.

One new amazing feature at the convention center that we didn’t have back in the day is the Tesla Tunnel. I’ve seen some videos and heard through colleagues about it, but to actually ride it is truly impressive.

At the moment, it’s connected to different wings of the convention center for easy access as well as the new Resorts Worlds Casino across the street. Usage was free for the Magic convention, which made everything truly convenient, but as the driver informed me, it will be soon connected to the Encore as well as various other stop at the Las Vegas strip including the Raiders Stadium and the airport as well.

The future is here, and what better place to preview it than in Las Vegas. 

Check out the video:

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