Shawn Porter on Amir Khan: ‘We’ve seen a lot of flaws in his boxing skills that we know Floyd will expose’

Check the video below for all of Shawn Porter’s thoughts on Floyd Mayweather vs. Amir Khan 

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It’s hard to come across anyone in the sport of boxing, from the champion to novice level, who is as humble as newly-crowned IBF welterweight champion Shawn Porter.

The Akron, Ohio native is never one to truly take aim at other fighters in the sport and that was pretty much the case when Porter shared his view on all of the talk of British star Amir Khan being in the running to face off with Floyd Mayweather next year.

“I think Amir is a good fighter,” Porter opened up during a recent conversation. “I think he has what it takes. We’ll see. We probably thought that about the last two or three guys Mayweather has fought.

“Mayweather is just an unbelievable athlete, unbelievable boxer,” Porter added. “And one of the greatest of all time.”

Just as quickly, however, Porter did point out some weaknesses in Khan that he sees.

“I think he’s a great fighter, great athlete,” Porter said of Khan. “But at the same time I think we’ve seen a lot of flaws in his boxing skills that we know Floyd will expose.”

Asked if he is surprised that Mayweather is still at the top of his game at 36 years old, Porter couldn’t help but to give Floyd his just due.

“I am, but when you’re blessed, you’re blessed,” Ported stated. “Simple as that.”

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