Are Amir Khan and Gennady Golovkin now Floyd Mayweather’s most ideal options?

Amir Khan defeated Chris Algieri on May 29 (Photo: Naoki Fukuda)


By Vitali Shaposhnikov

The press, the boxing community, and even general sports fans, many of whom believe that Floyd Mayweather (48-0, 26 KO’s) is as boring a fighter as they get, are nonetheless always on their toes looking for who will challenge the technical virtuoso next.

When discussing Mayweather, the word blueprint seems to come up fairly often. Is there a way to beat Mayweather? Is there a specific style, or person to finally scrape that zero off of his record? No matter who enters the ring against Floyd, it always seems like an easy night for the champ.

For God only knows how long, boxing fans were confident that Mayweather’s kryptonite was the Filipino sensation Manny Pacquiao, and even that theory didn’t pan out, as Mayweather once again made an easy night of this much anticipated bout. Of course many took to blaming it all on the fact that Pacquiao was now much older, and that if the fight would have happened back when they were both in their primes, the result would be different.

Now that Mayweather’s supposed biggest challenge is behind him, is there even a point to continue? Could he be involved in another fight that would once again regenerate similar interest as the Pacquaio fight? Or any interest at all for that matter? It seems that Mayweather still has a few interesting, financially colossal options out there.

“I don’t think I have ever been closer to getting the fight with Floyd Mayweather than I am at this moment,” stated former world champion Amir Khan to SkySports recently. “The indications are that I have strengthened my case with my win over [Chris] Algieri, and I believe there is every chance the fight could be confirmed within the next two weeks.”

Mayweather and Khan have in recent past been involved in a verbal war with each other over Twitter, one asking for a chance, while the other claiming that the opportunity must be earned first. But now that Pacquiao is no longer part of the picture, Khan may very well get the fight that he has been chasing for all this time.

While generating the same payday as with Pacquiao would be nearly impossible in Las Vegas, facing Khan in the U.K. would undoubtedly elevate the financial benefit.

While Khan is hoping for this fight to take place sooner rather than later, there is another champion on there, who despite being the last person you would expect to challenge Mayweahther Jr., is doing just that.

“This is an amazing fight. This is my dream fight,” said Gennady Golovkin in regards to a potential bout against Mayweather  in an interview with TMZ.

“Of course I will beat him, this is boxing. This is business. One hundred percent. I am ready for anybody!” continued GGG.

Anybody? Even Mayweather? Would Golovkin shed 10-15 pounds to make that fight happen?

If so, we have a prospective for a massive event. If there is anyone out there beside Pacquiao who could press Mayweather all night long, it would have to be Golovkin. But again, many tried, all kinds of fighter with a wide variety of styles, and all have failed.

Thus far none of the three have an announced opponent for their next fight, thus there might still be hope for something good to be negotiated for 2015.

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