Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Ruben Guerrero get into another heated altercation in Las Vegas

Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Ruben Guerrero getting into things in Las Vegas (Photo: Chris Robinson – www.HustleBoss.com)

By Chris Robinson

Anyone familiar with the subplots leading into the Floyd Mayweather vs. Robert Guerrero clash this past May will recall just how heated things got between the fathers of the two prizefighters.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Ruben Guerrero drew headlines for their trash talk towards one another and even nearly came to blows at the final press conference for the fight.

Fast forward eight months and Mayweather Sr. and Guerrero were again jawing at each other, with things nearly getting ugly.

The setting was the Italian restaurant Buca di Peppo in Las Vegas, where Mayweather Sr., Guerrero, trainer Yoel Judah, and handful of select fighters were on hand for a private dinner hosted ahead of NUVOtv’s new reality series “Knockout”.

The premise of the show will see Mayweather Sr., Guerrero, and Judah each take on one fighter at 140, 147, and 154 pounds, as they will compete against each other to see who can bring the best out of their charge until one man in each class is left standing.

From there, the fighter will be granted with an opportunity to face a top 20 contender to further propel their career.

As the dinner was ending, Mayweather Sr., Guerrero, and Judah were all posing for the cameras when a little gamesmanship began taking place.

“I aint even going to hurt you,” Mayweather Sr. said to Guerrero. “I’m going to get you later.”

“I’ll give you the first shot brother,” Guerrero responded. “Go for it! Do it!”

Guerrero then got in Mayweather Sr.’s face and the two men had to be separated, but not before a few shoves and punches were thrown.

Stay tuned for more updates on the “Knockout” reality series.

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