Mayweather Sr. feels that both Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana are easy work for Floyd

Will Marcos Maidana one day land a shot at Floyd Mayweather?

By Chris Robinson

When it comes to the next opponent for his son, trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. seems to have little concern.

At the moment the two names being tossed around most for a crack at Mayweather are that of British star Amir Khan and Argentina’s Marcos Maidana.

Khan is riding a two-fight winning streak following his TKO loss to Danny Garcia in July of 2012 but it is Maidana who carries more momentum at the moment with his recent upset over Adrien Broner.

Neither man is a threat to Floyd, however, claims Mayweather Sr.

“Both of them would be easy,” stated Mayweather Sr. “That’s two easy fights there. Both of them is easy. Maidana might have punching power, but you still can’t hit what you can’t see. And that’s going to put Maidana under the tree. It’s simple.”

Mayweather Sr. couldn’t let the interview finish without one last dig at Khan.

“Amir Khan has got a glass jaw, man, and if you look at it too hard it could shatter,” stated Floyd Sr.

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