Brandon Rios expresses curiosity towards the Manny Pacquiao vs. Tim Bradley rematch

Brandon Rios speaking in Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo: Chris Robinson –


By Chris Robinson

Having caught up with Brandon Rios this past weekend in Las Vegas, it was nice to see the affable former champion in good spirits as he discussed several key aspects related to his career while touching on some current storylines in the sport.

Rios is coming off of a one-sided points loss to Manny Pacquiao this past November in Macau, China, and is eager to get back in the mix.

As for Pacquiao, the Filipino icon is now a month away from a big rematch with WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley, who he will meet inside of the MGM Grand on April 12.

Bradley edged Pacquiao via a highly-controversial split-decision in June of 2012 in a fight many had Manny winning convincingly.

Nearly two years later, Rios feels we may see a different version of Pacquiao come fight night.

“I thought the first time Pacquiao won,” Rios stated. “It was controversial. I think Pacquiao, I think he might be more aggressive; might go for a knockout this time. Because everybody thought he was going to knock him out the first time. I think it’s going to be probably a knockout. If not, probably a split-decision Pacquiao.”

Asked why he is favoring Pacquiao, Rios spoke with some definite conviction.

“Pacquiao’s one quick mother*cker,” said Rios. “He’s very fast and everything. It’s just his awkwardness. He throws punches from different angles. And sometimes that f*cks with your mind and once it f*cks your mind up, you lose your mind and you lose the fight. That’s what happened to me.

“I give Pacquiao a lot of credit.” Rios added. “I can say I lost to one of the best in the world.”

Turning his attention to Bradley, Rios instantly gave the Palm Springs fighter his just due for his wild brawl with Ruslan Provodnikov last year.

The excellent slugfest, won by Bradley via a narrow unanimous decision, left such an impression on Rios that he wonders if we’ll see a similar attack next month

“Bradley’s been showing that he’s more aggressive,” Rios explained. “He’s been coming out banging it out and everything, with the Provodnikov fight. That was a great fight. Bradley showed some heart and balls. You never know. He might do the same thing with Pacquiao.”

And despite initially favoring Pacquiao, Rios seemed to express how real Bradley’s chances also are.

“He showed a lot of heart in the Provodnikov fight,” Rios said. “He took a lot of punches and he stood up to those punches. He was f*cked up but he was still banging it out too. We’re going to see how it is. I don’t think that Pacquiao punches the same way like before.”

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