Ciara has no time for ‘silliness’, instead focusing attention on her boyfriend Future

Ciara with her boyfriend Future (Photo credit:

FUTURE.. one

As recently reported, pop star Ciara is presently overseas immersing herself in the festivities of Paris Fashion Week. Taking fans behind the scenes via her personal Instagram page, Ciara was spotted with friends Frank Ocean and Kim Kardashian in one of her pictures.

Ciara is presently looking at the release of her new single titled “Body Party” and just yesterday, while in Paris, she recorded a clip of herself belting out an acoustic version of the song while in the bathroom.

Ciara’s video got plenty of response, and even some people who appeared to be mocking her, according to a report from on Tuesday, March 5.

Taking to her own Twitter account, Rihanna’s best friend Melissa Forde released a photo of the two of them and a friend watching the video with the caption below.

“#BodyParty (bathroom acapella version) #London”

In the photo, Melissa and Rihanna could be seen smiling as they check out the clip, but it remains to be seen if they were actually poking fun at Ciara.

It’s not secret that Rihanna and Ciara have had some harsh words for one another in the past but it remains to be seen whether their feud was still ongoing.

Responding to the photo, after retweeting Forde’s message, Ciara had her own Twitter message, as seen below.

“Don’t have time 4 the silliness. Grow Up and Do Something Positive with ya selves for once. God Bless.”

Later in the evening, Ciara released a personal photo of herself with her boyfriend Future, while stating “My RockStar!”

It definitely appears that Ciara is looking to stay away from any kind of drama.

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