Nicki Minaj shows off her body in revealing bikini while on the set of ‘High School’ [PHOTOS]


This time a week ago, it was revealed that pop superstar Nicki Minaj was making some serious moves with her career by firing her “glam squad”, better known as the people responsible for her hair and makeup.

“Nicki is desperate to be taken seriously as an artist,” a source close to the 30-year old singer stated.

“She’s fired her long-standing hairdresser who has been responsible for some of her crazy hairstyles over the years,” added the insider. “She’s also fired her stylist.”

In reaction to the news, fans began to expect Minaj to ditch the wild and outlandish costumes that she had often been seen wearing in replace of something more mature.


On Monday, March 12, Minaj took to her personal Twitter to show off another new look, as she could be seen wearing a revealing bikini while on the set of her “High School” single, which includes a guest appearance from Lil Wayne.

It goes without saying that Minaj while continue to draw her share of attention, but don’t be surprised to see various new looks from her in the future.

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