VIDEO: Rihanna snaps back at a fan who gets too close for comfort in the UK

As reported on Wednesday, June 19, pop superstar Rihanna got into a near scuffle with one of her fans at a recent concert.

While performing in Birmingham in the United Kingdom, Rihanna got up close to some of her fans while belting out her hit “We Found Love”. One fan took the opportunity and grabbed Rihanna, an action that saw the 25-year old star snap back by attempting to crack the fan with a microphone.

One fan in attendance took to Twitter and stated”[Rihanna] just hit someone with her mic on accident haha oops.”

Upon catching the tweet, Rihanna gave a sharp response.

“Purpose! That b*tch won’t let me go.”

In other news, Rihanna is no stranger to this year’s NBA Playoffs, as she was taking in Tuesday night’s incredible 103-100 overtime victory by the Miami Heat over the San Antonio Spurs.

The heat staged an incredible comeback, with their team captain and league MVP Lebron James playing a huge role in the game.

Following the win, Rihanna simply tweeted “#KINGJAMES” as a sign of respect.

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