3 Reasons to Learn Muay Thai in Thailand


1.Thailand is beautiful

The first reason that you would actually decide to visit Thailand for your Muay Thai training is that Thailand is an amazing place to visit. Thailand has amazing weather that will help you forget about the terrible weather back home, it has very beautiful beaches and scenic views; mountains you would like to climb and beaches you can take a cooling dip in after going through a thorough Muay Thai class. There is also plenty of authentic Thai food that ought to get your taste buds excited. There is plenty of fresh delicious meat, juicy fruits and fresh vegetables at very affordable prices, therefore, you can feed to your fill at a pocket-friendly manner. There are also plenty of international food markets available if you miss home and you would like to get a familiar dish. Life in Thailand is considerably cheaper than in Europe or in America, therefore going there for your training will not only guarantee authenticity, but it will also save you a significant amount of cash. Being in a new beautiful place will also help you clear your mind and it will actually make it easier for you to learn Muay Thai.

2. It is more authentic

What better way to learn something than to visit the place where it was actually invented. Muay Thai happens to be the best known and most popular sport in the whole of Thailand. Due to this fact, it is hard not to find a muay thai camp around, considering that 0ver 60,000 people practice martial arts professionally in the country. These camps vary in different ways; in some camps, you train indoors while in others you do it outside. Some camps also feature modern equipment and are very well equipped while some prefer to keep it Spartan and traditional. Another added bonus is that you are most likely to get training from a professional Muay Thai athlete, especially former champions. Getting trained by a former champion is great since they know all the tricks and they will push you till you can achieve the best results. Getting trained by a professional Thai champion will ensure that the quality of the training you get is top, so that when you can go back to your home your technique is incomparable to others.

3. The culture

Getting training in Muay Thai in Thailand will help you to learn the traditional aspect of the sport and thus you will get an even deeper understanding of its significance. Learning the cultural aspect of the martial art will help you be more immersed in it, and it will help you become better at it. Being in Thailand physically will also give you the opportunity to watch Muay Thai fighters live and it will be an experience you will never forget. Watching various fighters in the ring will help you observe various techniques which you can incorporate in your style to help you become even better. An additional bonus is that you can actually test your skills in the ring yourself with another professional fighter. This will help you gauge your progress and enhance your training.

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