50 Cent warns Jay-Z about his foray into the boxing business

50 Cent (Photo: Facebook)


By Chris Robinson

Music moguel Jay-Z recently made waves when it was revealed that he would be jumping into the boxing game as a promoter with Roc Nation Sports.

Fellow music artist 50 Cent, who has seen his SMS Promotions make a mild impact in the boxing game, is unsure of what the future holds for Jay-Z.

“I think they gonna clean Jay up,” 50 Cent recently told BET.com.

50 Cent was in New York City on Wednesday night when he fielded the questions following the screening of HBO’s” TAPIA” about the late beloved former champion Johnny Tapia.

“The sport of boxing is going to clean him up and he’s going to find out it’s not like any other portion of business that he’s been involved in,” 50 added.

Roc Nation Sports’ first boxing card is slated for Jan. 9 at the Theater inside of Madison Square Garden. Not sure if 50 Cent will be in attendace but he surely will be keeping an eye on things.

“You can’t just buy your way into it by purchasing existing companies and stuff like that,” 50 Cent added. “You look at the roster of fighters; you have to have experienced people around to run it. But boxing is like the fur coat business; we don’t know how much they actually sold the jacket for.”

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