Adrien Broner calls for a second shot at Marcos Maidana: ‘It’s only right that I get a rematch’

Adrien Broner and Marcos Maidana (Photo: Instagram)


By Chris Robinson

You are never quite sure what to expect when you stumble upon any of Adrien Broner’s social media platforms.

The outspoken former three-division champion rarely disappoints when inside of the squared circle yet Broner still hasn’t seemed to have fully gotten over his sole professional loss from a year ago.

On Dec. 14 of 2013, Broner suffered a tough defeat at the hands of Marcos Maidana inside of the Alamodome in San Antonio, Tex. The power-punching Argentinean’s crude attack saw him drop Broner twice on his way to a commanding unanimous decision victory that serves as his biggest ring triumph to date.

Broner has since bounced back with two points victories over Carlos Molina and Emmanuel Taylor and while there are many intriguing options at 140 pounds, it is Maidana who the Cincinnati native is once again eyeing.

Taking to his personal Instagram on Dec. 23, Broner issued the following.

“I’m a competitive person and this is the guy that gave me my first lost its only right that I get a rematch….. It’s big money for the both of us and the fans want to see if you can beat me again or maybe I knock your ass out this time….. #LetsSEE #StrapUP#BronerVSChino2″

Not a bad matchup at all. Maidana is coming off of a two losses to Floyd Mayweather in which he handled himself well and he surely would love another chance to upend Broner.

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