Another Round for Mills on Wheels

Mills on Wheels celebrated his 28th birthday recently (Photo: Hustle Boss)


By Chris Robinson

Being involved in the media field, you are always going to find yourself around colorful people and talented artists.

Having been located in Las Vegas the past eight-plus years, I’ve paid a little bit of attention to the music scene in the city, especially the new, up and coming performers.

I’ve seen one of those such artists, Mills on Wheels, make some great strides the past few years regarding his music. Mills on Wheels, known also as Antoine Powell and “Narley” to those close to him, moved to Las Vegas, by way of Cincinnati, about five years ago.

As I came to know Mills over the years, I’ve always been taken aback by certain things about him. First thing that comes to mind it his positive attitude and outlook on life. A self-described motivational speaker, Mills has been in a wheelchair since he was 16 years old, yet that never slowed him down or gave him a negative view of life. If anything, it’s his positive approach towards life that always seems to stand out.

Mils BeFunky Collage

I’ve been hearing Mills’ music since he first came out here, yet it was this year that I found myself gravitating increasingly to his recent tracks, as the quality, production, and overall flow has reached a new level of my appreciation.

It was Mills’ track “Reinvented” that really caught my attention one day. It was the kind of track that made me ask Mills myself if it was his own and he confirmed it was. Ever since, I’ve been paying more attention to Mills’ music, and even paid him a studio visit a few months back.

With Mills’ focus and direction having been at a high this year, it was only right for me to reach out to him recently for another exclusive interview.

Also, with Mills recently having celebrated his 28th birthday, it was time for another round. Maybe not another round of candles, because I forgot to make a cake, but definitely some more rounds of media coverage in the coming months and years.

Cheers to Mills on Wheels and check below for my full interview with him below.

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