Bob Arum calls Vasyl Lomachenko the best fighter in the world and believes Guillermo Riogndeaux is his stiffest test

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum is very high on Vasyl Lomachenko, pictured right (Photo: Chris Farina – Top Rank)


By Chris Robinson

While Bob Arum may not have been the biggest fan of Guillermo Rigondeaux during his time promoting the two-time Cuban Gold Medalist, he is still very keen on matching up his former charge with one of his current stars, Vasyl Lomachenko.

The internet continues to pick up buzz about a potential Lomachenko vs. Rigondeaux clash, and Arum seems all for the idea.

“That’s a fight that anybody who is a fight fan would like,” Arum told Hustle Boss recently. “You’ve got two guys who were Olympic champions and for them to fight would be historic.”

In Lomachenko (4-1 2 KO’s), Arum has one of the most promising champions in the sport. Arum is so high on the Ukraine native that he is willing to label him as the best on the planet.

“I think Lomachenko is the best fighter in the world and I think he can beat anybody,” Arum explained. “I think his biggest challenge is Rigondeaux, because of Rigondeaux’s skill sets.”

Check below for Bob’s full Q & A.

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