Catching up with Rival Boxing’s Russ Anber in Las Vegas during Bradley-Rios Fight Week

Rival Boxing’s Russ Anber is always busy with the sport of boxing (Photo: Chris Robinson)

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By Chris Robinson

You never know what to expect with any given fight week in the boxing game. No matter what the venue or location, each significant event comes with its shares of boxing luminaries who are a part of the festivities.

In Las Vegas this weekend, WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley will meet former lightweight titlist Brandon Rios in a pivotal showdown while WBO featherweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko will defend his title against Mexico’s┬áRomulo Koasicha on the televised undercard.

For this matchup, Lomachenko will once again be wearing Rival brand gloves into the ring and we were able to speak with Rival Boxing’s CEO Russ Anber, who also moonlights as a top-level trainer, cut man, commentator, and is one of the busiest guys in the sport during any given year.

“I was in Orlando last week with Malik Scott,” Anber said, updating us on his latest travels. “I was in the UK with Liam Smith, who won the WBO junior middleweight title, and now I’m here with Lomachenko, so it’s wonderful.”

Anber will be in Lomachenko’s corner this weekend and can’t speak highly enough about the two-time gold medalist from the Ukraine.

“I put a message out the other day on Instagram,” said Anber. “I said I’ll say it, I’ll defend it and I’ll argue with anyone who wants to; he is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters on the earth right now. If it wasn’t that he was a featherweight, more people would be giving him credit. But technically speaking, he’s as good as anybody right now.”

As for the future of Rival, Anber seems to be at a great place with how everything is going.

“More guys are wearing them and we’re happy about that,” Anber explained. “The thing that I’m happiest about, is that the ones who are wearing it are wearing it because they like it. They are choosing to wear it because they like it and it says a lot. They could choose any gloves they want to and they choose ours. It means a lot.”

Check below for the full Q & A with Anber.

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