Exclusive photos: Behind the scenes with Stephane Malenou during production of ‘Chance of a Lifetime’

Stephane Malenou running the streets of Las Vegas as he prepares for a ring return in early 2015 (Photo: Chris Robinson – www.HustleBoss.com)


By Chris Robinson

They like to say that a picture is worth a thousand words and such has been the case while filming Cameroon-born welterweight Stephane Malenou on the streets and in the gyms of Las Vegas during his forthcoming “Chance of a Lifetime” project.

Malenou moved to Las Vegas in the first quarter of 2014 and he has since become a fixture around the fight scene.

Those familiar with HustleBoss.com may remember Malenou’s story. It had been a few months since we religiously kept tabs with Malenou but a sudden burst of inspiration led us to North Las Vegas where we reconnected.

Away from the bright lights that Vegas is so known for, Malenou prefers solace, as his life consists of spirituality, focus, and the pursuit of his next ring quest.

Malenou can be seen below stretching following another grueling workout.


It’s been interesting to chronicle Malenou outside of the gym as well, as he has a down-to-earth approach about life that can be appreciated.

Seen below, Malenou interacts with Stephon Seales, the manager of a Gold’s Gym in North Las Vegas.


Malenou still is deep into the boxing game, however, as he often frequents the Mayweather Boxing Club.

“He’s one of the veteran guys who keeps young guys like me focused,” said undefeated junior welterweight prospect LaDarius ‘Memphis’ Miller, seen with Malenou below. The two men shared some tough sparring sessions together in the gym.


Signed to Mayweather Promotions, Miller is regarded as one of the gym’s standout young talents, with a 4-0 record with 1 KO. He returns on Dec. 12 in San Antonio, Tex.

“He’s a great competitor and a great fighter,” Miller added of Stephane. “With the right people behind him, who knows where his career will go.”

Ironic that Miller would say that, as Malenou has recently teamed up with esteemed trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr., seen below with Stephane.


“Expect to see improvement,” Mayweather Sr. stated when asked what the future holds.

It’s obvious from speaking with Senior that he is expecting Stephane to stay the course and put in the hard work to keep growing as a fighter. Stephane has even gone far enough as to call the world-class coach his ‘mentor’.

During his down time, Stephane often frequents a recently-opened Dickey’s Restaurant right up the street from him.

Owner John Schouten has displayed great hospitality thus far and the spot figures to be a future attraction as Stephane plots his next moves.


Whether inside or outside of the ring, Stephane Malenou always leaves an impression. Stay tuned for more.


Chris Robinson can be reached at CRobinson@hustleboss.com

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