EXCLUSIVE: Team Porter call for ‘Big Brother’ Floyd Mayweather following Adrien Broner victory

Shawn Porter defeated Adrien Broner on Saturday night (Photo: Naoki Fukuda)


By Chris Robinson

On Saturday night, June 20, Shawn Porter captured another big victory for his career by controlling Adrien Broner over the better part of 12 rounds inside of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Following the action, scores of 118-108, 115-111, and 114-112 were all read in favor of Porter, as the Akron, Oh. native moves to 26-1-1 with 16 knockouts.

Outside of a big left hook from Broner in the 12th round that dropped him, Porter had little trouble dealing with his Cincinnati counterpart, as his feints, body attack, aggression, activity, and physical strength on the inside were just too much to cope with.

Porter has rebounded nicely from his sole defeat, a loss to Kell Brook this past August, and he and his father and trainer Kenny now seem set on a big showdown with Floyd Mayweather come September.

“Thought it was a great fight,” Kenny told Hustle Boss afterwards. “It gave everybody what they wanted in every way.”

Kenny hopes that Mayweather will have enough intrigue to push for a meeting with his son.

“The future is very bright,” Kenny added. “With AB catching us with that hook, I’m sure Floyd thinks he might be able to catch us. Come on and give us a call.”

As for Shawn, he seems interested but also was taking in the moment when we asked him about Floyd.

“We’ll see what happens,” stated Shawn. “Y’all know who his big brother is.”

Check below for Team Porter’s reactions.

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