Floyd Mayweather Sr. says Miguel Cotto would ‘get his *ss whooped again’ by his son

Miguel Cotto hammering Sergio Martinez in New York (Photo: Naoki Fukuda)


By Chris Robinson

We are a week removed from Miguel Cotto’s shocking destruction of Sergio Martinez, and the options for the Puerto Rican star are aplenty.

Cotto is slated for a December ring return, either in New York or Las Vegas, and has a bevy of potential foes floating around between 154 and 160 pounds.

Some people have expressed interest in a rematch between Cotto and Floyd Mayweather. Two years ago in Las Vegas, Mayweather beat Cotto via a unanimous decision in the face of a strong effort from Miguel.

Cotto looks as focused as ever since linking up with trainer Freddie Roach, so the intrigue in a second encounter is there.

Still, not everyone is too excited about the possibility of Mayweather-Cotto II.

“Man, get the hell out of here,” stated Mayweather’s father and co-trainer Floyd Sr. earlier this week.

“Cotto would get his *ss whooped again, because his Daddy would be there to watch him get whooped,” Mayweather Sr. added.

In the wake of Mayweather’s exciting victory over Marcos Maidana last month, trainer Freddie Roach has claimed that the five-division world champion is a ‘shot’ fighter who will come up with an excuse to avoid a rematch with Cotto.

Mayweather Sr. was quick to fire back with comments of his own after being advised of Roach’s remarks.

“Freddie Roach is shot,” Mayweather Sr. stated. “He’s been shot years and years ago. He was shot before I retired.

“It is what it is,” Mayweather Sr. continued. “Like I said, people try to be nice to the man but Freddie Roach talks a lot of sh*t his damn self.”

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