Floyd Mayweather Sr. still considers Manny Pacquiao an easy fight for his son

Floyd Mayweather going at Marcos Maidana (Photo: Naoki Fukuda)

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By Chris Robinson

During the tail end of my conversation with Floyd Mayweather Sr. earlier this week, I asked him about a simple scenario.

I was curious for his thoughts on how today’s version of his son Floyd would fair against the Manny Pacquiao who defeated Tim Bradley last month.

For years the boxing world fascinated about a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight and there are some who still express interest in the potential showdown.

Mayweather is coming off of a tough and gritty majority decision victory over Marcos Maidana this past weekend in a fight that was more competitive than nearly everyone expected.

Mayweather Sr. feels that Floyd still has it in him to defeat Pacquiao handily.

“That’s an easy fight,” Mayweather Sr. stated. “That’s nothing man. I’m telling you. You may not believe it, that’s an easy as fight.

“He’s not technical enough,” Mayweather Sr. added of Pacquiao.

I suggested that if Maidana had success with an awkward approach, that perhaps Pacquiao could do the same, but my proposition was shot down.

“You can say what you want to say and you can feel how you want to feel, but I’m telling you right now, Pacquiao would get his *ss tore up,” Floyd Sr. concluded.

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