Gym Diaries [Armando Villar]: Taking my time as an amateur fighter

In this edition of ‘Gym Diaries’, 19-year old amateur prospect Armando Villar reveals why he is being so patient with his career


By Armando Villar / (Photo: Chris Robinson –

After growing up with a tough life, it’s what made me who I am today. Experiences build character, although many judge me quick without even knowing me. But at the end of the day, I don’t worry about it. I still smile and joke around because I know am a cool guy to know.

Anyway, As you can see, I am always focused on my goals. Althrough I am outgoing and like to get along with everybody, once I step into the gym, I just say hey to everybody and then go straight to work.

People in the gym see I put in the hard work. Even when I box guys from different gyms they always think I am an experienced boxer when really I have only been in the sport for two years, I’ve been boxing since I just turned 17 and now I am 19.

Believe it or not, I still have no amateur bouts. I have been trying to get a match since August 2013. Some people criticized me saying  that I didn’t want to fight when I really want to. Well I say, you can always look at my amateur book, the book does not lie. Its not my fault I don’t get a match but I never question God’s plan that he has for me. Like that saying ‘Stay ready so you won’t have to get ready’.

What are going to be my plans for the future? I plan on staying amateur for a good while. I have no rush and I am still young, My goal this year is getting 10 fights so next year I can compete in the golden gloves and nationals. Hopefully by 2016 I can be able to qualify for the Olympic trails. The Olympics is my main goal as an amateur because if you are an amateur the Olympics is the top. Even if I make it or not, I am still going to stay amateur until I am at least 21. I don’t know; I just have to see how things are by that time. Until then, don’t believe in me, just watch.

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