More rumors about Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran ahead of her ‘Red’ tour

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According to a report from on Thursday, March 7, Taylor Swift still may have an odd connection to her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles.

It turns out that Swift is rumored to be dating Styles’ good friend and fellow singer Ed Sheeran.

Apparently, Swift and Sheeran got close to one another last month during the 55th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles and they are rumored to be seeing one another.

Sheeran is set to go on tour with Swift later this month, as he will serve as the opening act for her “Red” tour.


“They spent some time together before and after she dated Harry Styles,” a source revealed to People Magazine. “Around Grammy time, things went beyond just friends.”

No word on how serious this connection is, but other rumors claim that Swift has always had an interest in Sheeran.

Swift’s “Red” tour is set to begin on March 13 in Omaha, Nebraka. Expect more updates from the tour in the coming weeks.


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