No One Left to Fight Mighty Mouse

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson (Photo: SkySports)


By Kyle Hutchison  twitter  instagram

On September 27th, Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson defeated Chris Cariaso by a Kimura in the second round. Johnson’s win begs the question ‘Who’s next?’

Since the UFC created the Flyweight division there has never been a champion outside of Mighty Mouse. In 2012, the UFC conducted a tournament to decide who would be the first Flyweight division champion. Johnson fought Ian McCall twice for the title since the first fight ended in a majority draw. Johnson won in a unanimous decision in the rematch to become the first Flyweight champion and has never looked back.

Every opponent who has had the chance to take down Johnson has fallen, beginning with current top contender Joseph Benavidez. Johnson’s first title defense was his toughest as Benavidez took him all five rounds and lost a split-decision.

Next up in line to fight Johnson was John Dodson, whom Johnson dominated for five rounds. It was his first unanimous decision victory as champion but wouldn’t be his last. John Moraga followed Dodson and almost lasted five rounds with Johnson until he submitted him in the fifth round with an arm bar. His next opponent would be a familiar face and a much expected rematch.

Johnson fought Benavidez in a rematch of Johnson’s first title defense. As you may recall Johnson won in a split-decision against Benavidez the first time, but would win in decisive fashion the second time around. Mighty Mouse knocked Benavidez out cold with a strong right hand to the jaw just one minute and 28 seconds into the first round. Obviously, Johnson had learned from their first fight.

Soon after Johnson fought upstart Ali Bagutinov. Johnson put on a boxing clinic for five rounds on Bagutinov and won by unanimous decision. After the fight, news came out that Bagutinov tested positive for EPO and he still wasn’t able to slow down Mighty Mouse.

Looking forward, Johnson has beaten all of the top five ranked Flyweight contenders and six of the top ten. The next best fighter in the division is Joseph Benavidez whom Johnson has bested twice and once in dominant fashion. There is no one left for Johnson to beat in his division so maybe a move up to Bantamweight to fight the last person who beat him (Dominick Cruz) would be Mighty Mouse’s next move. We will have to wait and see, but until then sit back and enjoy the show that is Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson.

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