Oscar De La Hoya: ‘I think this fight is in the hands of Pacquiao’

Manny Pacquiao catching Oscar De La Hoya during their December 2008 encounter (Photo: Naoki Fukuda)


By Chris Robinson

While Oscar De La Hoya has certainly been a vocal critic of Floyd Mayweather in the past, he never has been one to doubt the star power of the five-division world champion from Grand Rapids.

De La Hoya believes Mayweather’s May 2 pay per view clash with rival Manny Pacquiao will hit 3 million buys and break the all-time record that his May 2007 match with Mayweather generated (2.4 million).

“It’s the fight of the industry, which will generate about 3 million purchases on pay per view,” De La Hoya stated on ESPN Deportes. “The boxing office will be the largest in the history of boxing. But I, like most fans, what we want to see is a good fight, action, not something boring and I wish both fighters give us that kind of fight.”

De La Hoya insists that Pacquiao must keep up his pace during the fight.

“If Mayweather gets on his bike, if he starts boxing at the distance, throwing a jab here, another there, doing just enough to win the rounds, it can turn into a boring fight. I think this fight is in the hands of Pacquiao, and for this, he should apply the pressure every second of every round.”

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