PHOTOS from the 28th Annual Anderson Family Reunion

Hey everyone it was great to see you all again. There’s nothing like being around people who you know really love you and accept you for who you are.

Here are some photos from the 3 days here. I uploaded them to a private page on my website that can only be viewed on here.

If anyone wants to save any of these pictures, just click on the photo and then click ‘Save As’ or let me know and I will personally email you the photo.

It’s easier for me to put all the photos on here instead of sending the photos individually to everyone.

Love you all and see you next year.

– Cousin Chris (Michael’s Boy)

IMG_1865 IMG_1866 IMG_1867 IMG_1868 IMG_1869 IMG_1870 IMG_1871 IMG_1873 IMG_1874 IMG_1875 IMG_1878 IMG_1880 IMG_1881 IMG_1882 IMG_1887 IMG_1890 IMG_1892 IMG_1893 IMG_1894 IMG_1895 IMG_1896 IMG_1897 IMG_1898 IMG_1900 IMG_1901 IMG_1904 IMG_1906 IMG_1909 IMG_1910 IMG_1912 IMG_1913 IMG_1918 IMG_1922 IMG_1923 IMG_1924 IMG_1925 IMG_1926 IMG_1928 IMG_1929 IMG_1930 IMG_1933 IMG_1934 IMG_1936 IMG_1937 IMG_1939 IMG_1940 IMG_1946 IMG_1950 IMG_1953 IMG_1954 IMG_1956 IMG_1959 IMG_1960 IMG_1966 Kiyaking kids

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