Revisiting Marcos Maidana’s thrilling upset over Adrien Broner goes back to later 2013, as we revisit some of the more memorable videos leading up to Marcos Maidana’s thrilling upset over Adrien Broner.

We were with ‘Chino’ during the early days of training and it wasn’t long before he stepped up the intensity level.

The hard work continued, as Marcos ripped the heavy bag with reckless abandon. You could tell from the sheer force of his punches that the Argentinean wasn’t playing around.

Sparring with such spar mates as unbeaten Darwin Price and former champ Steve Forbes, Maidana pushed himself to the limit.

By the time Maidana and his crew hit San Antonio, you could tell emotions were high. A flash back to the weigh in shows just how hyped up the event was going to be.

Not only did Marcos score the victory, he did so in one of his most impressive efforts to date. Check out some exclusive, behind-the-scenes coverage after the match.

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