Steve Claggett returns this weekend in Las Vegas in high-stakes showdown vs. Chris Van Heerden at the D

Steve Claggett faces off with Chris Van Heerden on Saturday (Photo: Manny Murillo)

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By Chris Robinson

This weekend in Las Vegas, a familiar face will return to the ring when Steve “The Dragon” Claggett faces off with Chris “The Heat” Van Heerden on Saturday night, April 16.

Taking place at the D Hotel and Casino as a headlining act to the new “Knockout Night at the D” series, Claggett (23-3-1, 16 KO’s) will be looking for a benchmark victory as he goes in tough against South Africa’s Van Heerden (23-2-1, 12 KO’s).

Claggett is a familiar face to Hustle Boss audiences, from seeing him spar up close on plenty of occasions, to several in-depth interviews about his life and early career from a few years back.

We caught Claggett in the ring with Lydell Rhodes this past October and he was excited to be eyeing a big 2016. With the Van Heerden scrap pushing forward, this will give the Canadian-born Claggett a chance to get his career back on the upswing.

Van Heerden is a very capable fighter, but he hasn’t stepped back into the ring following his TKO loss to undefeated Errol Spence Jr. this past September. Should make for an all-action tussle.

The Van Heerden-Claggett bout will take place live on CBS Sports Network, starting at 8 pm. PT/ 11 pm. ET).

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