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Paris Fashion Week plays host to Frank Ocean, Ciara, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and others [PHOTOS]

Paris Fashion Week with Frank Ocean, Ciara, and Kim Kardashian (All photos courtesy of Instagram.com)


As seen on a report by the LATimes.com on Monday, March 4th, reality star Kim Kardashian and her music mogul boyfriend Kanye West are presently in Paris, as they were seen sitting front row at Givenchy’s Paris Fashion Week runway show over the weekend.
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Frank Ocean backs off on the feud with Chris Brown


According to a report from the LATimes.com on Saturday, Feb. 2, music star Frank Ocean has seemed to gain a sense of forgiveness towards Chris Brown following their wild scuffle.

On Sunday evening, the two men came to blows after a huge disagreement at a recording studio in the Los Angeles area. While there was confusion as to exactly what went down that led to the brawl, one thing that became apparent was that both didn’t come away from the melee unscathed.

Brown was seen a few days later wearing a cast on his right hand while Ocean insisted his hand was injured and that it would affect his upcoming performance at the Grammy Awards.

And while the bad blood seemed to be evident, Ocean has since backed away from the thought of filing charges against Brown over the incident.
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Chris Brown and Frank Ocean brawl at a studio in Los Angeles

On Sunday night, as reported by TMZ.com, news hit that music stars Frank Ocean and Chris Brown had gotten into a heated scuffle at recording studio in Los Angeles…

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