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‘Married to Medicine’ episode 4 recap: Mariah and Toya get into a huge fight

8 MM brawl

The latest episode of “Married to Medicine” on Sunday, April 14, did not disappoint viewers.

The show featured Mariah and Kari throwing a joint birthday party for their husbands Dr. Duncan and Dr. Aydin at Kari’s home. Kari spent the entire day setting up all the festivities for the party.

Meanwhile, Mariah’s sister Lake alerted her that her so-called friend Toya was going around telling people in a local salon that Mariah’s daughter is not biologically her husband Duncan’s. She also claimed that the child doesn’t know that not her father.

Lake also told her sister that their overprotective mother Lucy was present at the salon and knows what Toya said. Of course Mariah was livid because she entrusted her secret with Toya and felt it shouldn’t have revealed.
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