Trainer and former fighter Monyette Flowers makes his way back to Las Vegas

Monyette Flowers works with amateur MMA fighter Bronson Sabado in Las Vegas (Photo: Hustle Boss)


By Chris Robinson

It was May of last year when I first crossed paths with trainer and former fighter Monyette Flowers out here in Las Vegas.

Having been through the amateur and professional grind as a fighter out in Memphis, Tenn., Flowers knows all too well the responsibilities that surround a boxer.

As seen during his time training lightweight contender Lydell Rhodes last year, Flowers is like a mad scientist on the mitts and always knows how to push his fighters. So sharp and precise was the work of Flowers, that I myself actually sought him out for preparation in my amateur bout last June.

Following my match, Flowers informed me that he was heading back to Tampa, Fl., his adopted hometown, to handle some business and I was curious when and if he would be making his way back to Vegas. Last month Flowers hit me up to inform me that he was indeed returning to Las Vegas, and I caught up with him in late September to catch up on things.

Working with amateur MMA fighter Bronson Sabado, I was instantly reminded of the high-energy training style that Flowers brings with him.

Check below for a clip of Flowers working with Sabado and stay tuned in the coming weeks to learn more about Flowers’ story.

Lydell Rhodes rapid fire mitt work with Monyette Flowers [City Athletic Boxing]

Female amateur talent Bianka Thompson sharp mitt work with Monyette Flowers City Athletic Boxing

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