Yahu Blackwell eyeing return to Mexico later this month, as well as Sep. 15 date in the UK

It’s about that time again for Yahu Blackwell (Photo: Team Blackwell)


By Chris Robinson

Yahu Blackwell is back at it again, as the Nigerian cruiserweight is eyeing a July 15 return to the ring.

As we reported earlier this year, Blackwell last saw action in the ring on April 6, when he scored a TKO victory over Benjamin Hernandez down in Mexico.

Fighting inside of the Escape Bar in Tijuana, Blackwell was sharp and explosive as he stopped Hernandez in the second round of a match that took place in the heavyweight division. Blackwell’s July 15 assignment will see him venture back down south of the border, as he seems elated at the opportunity.

“I’m so excited, I’m ready to get back to work,” Blackwell said of his scheduled return.

“My last fight in Mexico, my original opponent fell out,” he added. “I had to bulk up to heavy weight to fight Hernandez. Now I’m back down to 190lbs, I’m feeling good!”

Blackwell has seen successive fights fall through in the wake of the Hernandez victory, yet that hasn’t slowed his approach.

“I’ve been training very hard,” Yahu stated. “I’ve picked up on the cardio a lot, and a lot more sparring. I’ve been training between Maryland and California. I plan on trying to fight this entire fight from a southpaw stance.”

Blackwell is extremely active on both Instagram and YouTube, as those platforms give his fans an inside look at his training and lifestyle on a weekly basis. It’s obvious, through his interaction with fans and somewhat extravagant lifestyle, that Blackwell, 30, is not your typical prospect coming up.

“I’m more than just a boxer,” stated Blackwell, 30. “I love boxing, but it’s not what defines me. My life is about honoring Yahuah, and servitude to my people. My job is the be a light unto the world.”

What’s interesting about Blackwell’s return last this month is that it could lead to an eventual trip to the UK, where he has been offered to fight on Sep. 15.

“I’m very excited about fighting in the UK,” Blackwell said. “A promoter from the UK is good friends with my manager; he works alongside a lot of the big promoters in the UK. He provided this opportunity for us. This fight will be on a much bigger platform, I’m going to show the world what I can do.”

Stay tuned for more news on Blackwell’s return to the ring and check out some recent highlights of his life below.

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